Catania Settlements – September 2012



With the majority of residents beginning the settlement process soon after Certificate of Occupancy had been issued on 8th August 2012, most have now started moving into their new apartments, taking full advantage of the recent beautiful weather to begin making the most of life at The Waterfront. The final remaining external landscaping and finishes to details of the buildings are currently being undertaken and are due to be completed shortly.

 As a resident, you are invited to partake in the range of range of different events and functions hosted at The Waterfront, and aimed at bringing the community together. Information on these events can be found in this edition of “What’s On”, or on the Wentworth Point Community Central website .

Those of you that are existing residents – no doubt you will meet your new neighbours at the various community events around The Waterfront, so please feel free to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation!